Like a boomerang or a lost puppy with a micro-chip, Adam LaVorgna is back.

After taking the acting world by storm in the 1990’s on television with shows like 7th Heaven (where he played Robbie Palmers, Jessica Biel’s troubled ex) and the critically acclaimed Brooklyn Bridge (where he played Nicholas Scamperelli) a role he won the coveted 1993 Youth in Film award for Best Young Actor Co-starring in a TV Series.

He also was featured on the big screen in such films as Milk Money (with Melanie Griffith and Ed Harris), I’ll Be Home for Christmas (with Jonathan Taylor-Thomas and Jessica Biel) and The Beautician and the Beast (with Fran Drescher and Timothy Dalton). It appeared he was ready to take the entertainment world by storm. But then, as quick as he jumped into the forefront, he disappeared.

But this is not one of those sad stories about a drug-addled kid who can’t take the fame. No, quite the contrary. Adam left Hollywood so he could better himself as a human being and get a college degree. He knew if he stayed in front of the camera, and his career continued on its upward trajectory, he would never go back and get his degree.

So off he went, and sure enough he emerged with his Bachelor’s Degree, with an emphasis on Social Media. So if when you see his Facebook Page  or follow him on Twitter, you will definitely notice the college influence.

But now that he is done with school, he is back and ready to take the Hollywood world by storm yet again, and he has the chops to do it.

Be on the lookout for Adam in the upcoming film Masterless, where he does an incredible job in a dual role. He plays Kane Madison, a successful California architect and his doppelganger-like spirit, a Ronin from the 18th Century who has to wander amongst masked demons and Japanese swordsman in a parallel netherworld of sorts.

He is also starring in an independent film, due for release this year, called Off-Time.

What has made Adam successful in his return to Hollywood after a hiatus is more than just his ability as an actor and his leading man good looks, but an amazing attitude that nothing was going to stop him from continuing on a path that, he himself removed himself from. It is that amazing can-do attitude that will make Adam one to watch for years to come.

LaVorgna attended high school at the athletic powerhouse, Avon Old Farms, located in Connecticut. He also enrolled at Boston College, prior to leaving the school after his freshman year to pursue acting, specifically, 7th Heaven. He received his bachelors degree from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Front row at the Dennis Basso fashion show with Carol Alt filming “Stealing Chanel”!

— Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, Lincoln Center —



2014 Off-Time (post) Cliff Raines
2014 The Haunted Secret (post) Jason Rodriguez
2014 Masterless (post) Kane Madison / Ronin
2013 A Beautiful Lie (Short) (post) Johnny Jepp’s Cousin
2013 Bolder (Short) (completed) Russell
2007 CSI: Miami (TV Series) Eddie Corbett
2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series) Brian Murphy
2006 The House Is Burning Party Guest
2005 Halley’s Comet (TV Movie) Tim Gable
2005 Law & Order: Trial by Jury (TV Series) Carter McSherry
99-02 7th Heaven (TV Series) Robbie Palmer
2000 Blast Shnetz
1999 Outside Providence Tommy the Wire (as Adam Lavorgna)
1998 Law & Order (TV Series) Hayden
1995 Degree of Guilt (TV Movie) Carlo Paget
1995 Matlock (TV Series) Matt Ahern
1994 The Cosby Mysteries (TV Series) Teddy
1994 Milk Money Brad
1994 Monkey Trouble Mark










Monday September 8, 2014 6:04 PM By Anne Bratskeir

Model and LI-er Carol Alt was a front-row guest at the Dennis Basso show, but she wasn't just watching -- she was shooting a movie. With her, the film's co-star, Adam LaVorgna. (Credit: Anne Bratskeir)


Adam LaVorgna & Carol Alt filming “Stealing Chanel”

Model and Long Islander Carol Alt was a front-row guest at the Dennis Basso show, but she wasn’t just watching — she was shooting a movie with her crew in the photo pit. The film, called “Stealing Chanel,” is about the ex-wife of a Russian oligarch, who loves expensive clothes and gets someone to steal them for her, Alt said.
As some of Basso’s most expensive clothes glided by on the runway, Alt mugged with her costar, Adam LaVorgna, who held a small spy camera. He plays Alt’s love interest and the clothing thief. The film is due out next year, and, well, we can’t wait.

Photo credit:

(Credit: Anne Bratskeir)







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